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The Mayo Clinic and Montessori

Have you ever met individuals who knew from an early age what they wanted to do with their lives? I blogged about a friend of mine, rocket scientist Stacy Weinstein, some years ago.  Last year we invited her, along with our Middle School and Upper Elementary students, into a Skype session from her office at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California.  Listening to her describe her...

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Double Majors More Innovative and Valuable to Employers

MPA recently hired a wonderful new science teacher who graduated from college this spring with a major in biology and a double minor in chemistry and marketing.  It was a combination difficult to ignore.  She also indicated she wanted to keep growing, keep learning, keep adding value to our institution.  We were sold.  

If she sounds like a Montessori kid, you're not far from the truth.  Her...

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MPA's Full Accreditation by the American Montessori Society

News Release

Montessori Private Academy (MPA) recently received accreditation from the American Montessori Society (AMS).  Rising to this level of excellence is very rigorous and took 2 1/2 years of self-study, refinement, and AMS onsite review to accomplish.  Illinois, which has had a long Montessori tradition, has 25 accredited schools, by far the greatest concentration in the U.S.

To be...

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Montessori's Only Unsupported Theory--Until Now

For over 100 years those who've read her volumes of pedagogy have known about Dr. Maria Montessori's stance on fantasy for ages six and under.  She felt it was inappropriate, perhaps even damaging, for children to be peppered by the imaginative stories written by adults.  In fact, she had observed just the opposite, that children are much more interested in understanding, and working with, the...

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What Does It Take to Become a Montessori Teacher?


When a beloved teacher walks into your office and says she is moving out of state, what is your first thought?  I must admit mine is usually,  "Where will I find another one like her?"  

And yet year after year we find them.  But who are they?  Where do they come from?  

Dr. Maria Montessori first started training teachers more than a century ago.  She often said she preferred individuals with ...

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Children and the Dangers of Social Media 


The CEO of Apple won't let his nephew on social media.   

Sean Parker, one of the earliest investors in Facebook said in an interview late last year that Facebook "...literally changes your relationship with society, with each other ... It probably interferes with productivity in weird ways. God only knows what it's doing to our children's brains.

"The thought process ... was all about: 'How...

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What Time Should Your Kids Be in Bed?

We all know how important a good night's rest is, particularly for children.  But sometimes schedules get out of whack, time gets away from us, or children simply do not want to go to sleep.  For some families, it is tough to stay on schedule.  Some parents might be tempted to ask: Is the recommended amount of sleep for each age really that important?

In a word, yes.  

If it's late at night,...

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Why Are Over 1000 Colleges No Longer Requiring SAT's or ACT's ?

That's right.  As of January 10th this year, 1000 colleges and universities no longer require an entrance exam of any kind.  Do you know how many didn't require a test in 1985?  


What in the world has changed everyone's mind?  It turns out after decades of SAT's and ACT's, studies show those tests don't predict success in college.  Even when used in conjunction with academic grades from...

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What Does the Best Learning Environment Look Like?

If you've ever visited preschools in the hope of choosing the best environment for your child, you will have seen a multitude of options.  But which one is best?  And how are you supposed to know for sure?  

Looking at the two photos above, most parents are familiar with the second one, which might resemble the preschool classroom of their own childhood.  It's filled with hanging art, colorful...

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Montessori's Response to Inequality


In 1907, the Italian owners of tenement buildings in the San Lorenzo slums of Rome had a brilliant idea. They had been concerned about the damage young children were doing to their apartment complexes while their parents were away at work.  (In those days,  childcare for those under six was not mandated by law.)  So, they came up with a plan: create a classroom inside a building so that the...

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